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It’s been a few months since I’ve posted an update regarding the progress of My Crusade for Agility, some pretty big changes have taken place in that time. We’ve been continuing to use TDD and we’ve also been sticking with pairing. Our tests have grown, gotten better and faster. Also, the construction that I mentioned in Part 5 is complete and we’re all moved into our new home.

I’m sure we are going to continually make adjustments our set up, but here is what we are starting with. We’ve got two pairing stations with very nice adjustable height tables, along with some excellent adjustable monitor robot arms, wireless keyboards & mice and we’ve got our white board near by. We’ve got plenty of open floor space for stand up now and plenty of open wall space for additional white boards (and hopefully someday a nice big display of our CI status).

Pairing Stations

Here is a more close up shot of one of our new pairing stations.

Pairing Station

Our new area is awesome, and it is a lot of fun to work in. I’m really looking forward to our next steps, and so should you be. Check back for another installment of My Crusade for Agility.