I'm Matthew J. Morrison.

A Passionate, professional software developer & hobbyist; Language nerd & regular user of Unix, Python, Ruby & JavaScript.

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I recently purchased a Mac Book…which is the first non-windows computer that I’ve ever purchased. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never before had the pleasure of using a more user-friendly OS. I only wish that I would have been using a mac for years. As a developer, I consider myself a super user…and the more work the computer will do for me, the more productive I can be at my job. Using Windows, I consider myself super productive…I can only imagine how productive I can be on my new Mac…if easy things (like installing applications) is so much easier on a Mac than on Windows, I can only imagine how much easier the really hard stuff is going to be.

I’m still just getting into it, but I’ll be sure to post updates about my Mac journey.

I’m very excited to do some hard core development and see how it goes.